Here We Go Again

Welcome back to the blog of examples, where I write inconsistently and the points don’t matter. I’m going to play with some Gutenberg blocks just to show what they do.

Youtube Block

Downloadable File Block

You could use that to make a resume available, post a printable activity, offer a cool background image, etc.

Gif Block with native search

Use this cool GIF block to embed a GIF from a native search. It doesn’t have to be a catgirl, but why nyaa?

Image Compare Block

Compare 2 similar images with a moving slider that shows the before-and-after. Like this cut out I made! Would be cool for before-and-after set makeup.

Podcast Player Block

Caption the Podcast too!

Yes, seriously. Enter the podcast RSS feed URL. It does the thing magically.

Slideshow Block

Does what you’d expect, and does it nicely.

There are so many blocks, there is NO way I could make an example for all of them. But I assume my point is made.